Maternity Care

As the female body is continuing to change everyday throughout the full term of the pregnancy, it is important to maintain some frequency of chiropractic care to maintain mobility.

How do I know if I need chiropractic care during my pregnancy?

Most patients seek care when they have pain so this will likely be the driving force to seek care.  During pregnancy, the mother’s body is constantly changing, ligaments become more lax in some places, and muscles may tighten in other places.  The continual change in the female body may drive some expectant mothers to have an assessment to make sure everything is moving as it should prior to delivery.  If you are not moving well during pregnancy, a chiropractic assessment may help you move better and ease the mobility issues often seen.

Is it safe to treat a pregnant patient?

A pregnant patient can be treated very safely.  Though, there are cases, where manually adjusting the pregnant patient would be contraindicated.  Please discuss these conditions further with your chiropractor.

What types of symptoms are common in a pregnant patient?

The most common symptoms I see with my pregnant patients are low back pain.  Sometimes, the babies position in the mom’s pelvis can put pressure on the sciatic nerve which can cause numbness and tingling down one leg.  Other areas of increased laxity, like in the wrists, can cause some pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome, or numbness/tingling and even weakness in the hands.

How does a chiropractor accomodate for the treatment of a pregnant patient?

We will always accomodate to make the expectant mother as comfortable as possible.  For the most part, a pregnant patient is adjusted the same as a non-pregnant patient.  Obviously as the baby grows, there will be some added weight in the front of the body, so lying on her stomach will only be able to happen for certain period of time.  Often, chiropractors that treat pregnant mothers, will have drop out pieces in their tables to decrease the pressure placed on the mother’s abdomen.  In addition, pregnancy pillows and rolls will often be utilized to make the expectant mother as comfortable as possible.  The biggest constraint is the laxity in some joints which can make it harder to reach the end range of motion needed to make the adjustment.

How long during my pregnancy can I receive chiropractic care?

A pregnant patient can receive care up until they deliver as long as it is comfortable.