Massage & Chiropractic


Functional Movement Screen

An hour and a half long visit which includes history, Functional movement screen, selective functional movement assessment and corrective exercise plan development.

FMS/SFMA assessment: $250  


We assess and mold for custom orthotics.  Our orthotics are made off site at a local Chiropodist clinic.  

Orthotics: $450

Orthotics + shoes: $600 

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

A comprehensive assessment following a motor vehicle accident including history, physical, treatment and preparation/submission of the claim forms to your insurance company.  Please note that all fees for MVA claims are determined by the diagnosis and follow all provincial guidelines.  We will submit on your behalf to the insurance company but do take payment from the claimant directly.

Senior/Student Discounts

We do provide discounts for seniors and students for chiropractic care only.  Please ask at booking if you are eligible.


Dr. Marnie is a skilled Chiropractor that has helped fix a nagging lower back pain in just a few short visits. Don’t wait till your pain is unbearable, get it seen to now. MMD is a safe and peaceful place to receive treatment.

Wesley Matthee

Marnie has kept me in once piece for many many years now, Started training last year for my first ironman, I did not think I would make it through training with the amount of lower leg problems I was having. Marnie’s treatment was so spot on. Allowed me to miss little to no training and the last month of training all my problems were gone and I had a great race. Honestly I don’t think I would have made it to race day without Marnie’s help. I highly recommend MMD Chirpractic

Daniel Pauls